[SSC_Stable Stake Coin] #4. The Appearance of the Stable Stake Coins

Hello, its Alyssa from Delio. It is getting colder, isn’t it? Be careful for the cold, everyone! :)

Today is the last series of Stable Stake Coin Series. The appearance of new type of coin with Stablecoins’ faults corrected! I would like to talk about Stable Stake Coins.

To summarize the contents we’ve covered,

- The necessity of Stablecoins for payments to resolve the price variety of existing cryptocurrencies

- Centralization issue of stable tokens that are currently used as main financial purposes and imperfect price stability

- These shows that there are no Stablecoin applicable for business transactions

Then let’s see what Stable Stake Coin that corrected the listed problems is!

1. What is Stable Stake Coin, SSC?

Stable Stake Coin is a commercial payment coin that satisfies price stability and investment value. It is a new type of coin optimized for commercial payments with additional mechanic design on the top of basis of advantages of unsecured Stablecoin and its features (decentralization, no need for secured loans, algorithmic control of token circulation).

By pairing (DTP method) DELO token with price stability and DELIO token with possibility of rise in value, it is designed to satisfy both ecosystem participants and the demand of the investors.

Let’s take a closer look at major features of SSC!

1) World’s first commercial payment token

2) DTP(Dual Token Pairing) Method

3) Programmable Coin that supports necessary features for commercial uses

4) Customization of Token

5) Includes token for sharing profits between providers

6) Transforming the concept from consumption to profit

7) Perfect Decentralization

8) User benefit and usability the existing currencies cannot offer

9) Price Stability and Investment Value

1.1 DTP(Dual Token Pairing) Method

Delio’s SSC consists of two tokens: Delo and Delio.

SSC = [Dello _ Price Stable Token] + [Delio_Price Fluctuating Token]

- Delo is a token with fixed value that can only be used in the ecosystem. It may be used for commercial payments at cafés, restaurants, retail stores, etc. Everytime the ecosystem extends, the number of token issuance increases as well. It is a Stablecoin that the supply is controlled with algorithm to meet the demand.

- Delio is a token with variable value. As the amount of issuance is fixed, higher demand increases its value. Unlike Delo, Delio cannot be used for normal purchases in the ecosystem, and it is investable token with its purpose on increasing its value. With mechanical design of Delo and Delio, the price of Delio inevitably rises. (Please understand that I can’t explain it with more details here.)

Therefore, Delo take a role of Stablecoin and secures the price stability, Delio take a role of increasing the value, and by implementing Dual Token Pairing method, they can satisfy both ecosystem users and investors; and that is why it is called ‘stable stake coin.’

*Through Delio Exchange you can exchange Delo and Delio for each other and cash, the token exchange ratio is decided in the Delio Exchange, thus having an advantage of controlling the amount of coins in circulation.

1.2 Complete Decentralization

Delio’s SSC is completely decentralized coin. One problem of current Stablecoins is the centralization. In other words, lack of reliability. The core concept of blockchain is decentralization that pursues shares and distributions. I think the philosophy and value of blockchain is pursuing decentralization where participating ecosystem users can easily grow with.

Delio not only pursues decentralization of ownership and profits but with developer community built it is an open project where external developers can easily participate and gain their shares. I think that building an ‘ecosystem of sharing’ is too a core of decentralization.

*Delio shares ownership and distributes profits with ecosystem users through the Reward Pool where every profit is accumulated. The accumulation and distribution of the contents of the Reward Pool is revealed to the public, which may resolve the centralization and the lack of reliability.

1.3 World’s first commercial payment coin

Most of the Stablecoins introduced until now mainly functions as key currency for financial transactions. In other words, there is no proper Stablecoins commercial payment that can be used on practical economy! That’s why Delio’s stable stake coin appeared.

As mentioned earlier, Delo coin is a Stablecoin that can be used only in the ecosystem of Delio. The price is fixed, so they can be used on general payments. To make a token-cycled economy ecosystem, mainly ①Token Issuance and Distribution, ② Token usages and ③ the Exchange needs to be built. For normal users to use the tokens easily and conveniently, every infrastructure is set for Delio.

① Delo Issuance and Distribution Channel is prepared

② Partnered with 118 famous domestic/foreign brands (The number will grow)

③ Delio Exchange is ready to be used

Delo token can be freely used within the ecosystem of Delio. Pay with Delio Mobile PG and drink coffee with your friends, have a lovely family dinner, buy groceries, and even refueling your car! Also shop affordable, trending products on Delio Online Shopping Mall that is only available for Delio users.

Delio users can buy things with 0% commission fee, Easily and transparently track your blockchainified product purchases and distribution information Delio sellers pay 0% payment fee and can cash out the next day! Stable Stake coin is the first commercial payment token designed for comparably easier use of cryptocurrencies for Delio ecosystem users.

If I were to define Delio coin I have described so far in one sentence, it would be ‘the first decentralized commercial payment token that satisfies ecosystem users and investors.

2. Closing Remarks

We are facing a new era. The world we are facing is not the society of winner taking all, but full of infinite potentials and opportunities where everyone shares and flourishes. In this era of the fourth industrial revolution, how blockchain and technology would change our lives? The start of it and its process are up to us.

To make a society where everybody owns and shares benefits, Delio will begin first.

This is the end of the SSC series. Please look forward to us, Delio who shares value with you!

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