‘Founders 2019 SUMMER X SK C&C INSIGHT’ Education · Mentoring · Blockchain Hackathon

Blockchain media · education institution called ‘Decenter’ and SK C&C launched a blockchain internship program for college students, “Founders 2019 SUMMER X SK C&C INSIGHT”.

On August 1st, SK C&C began a double all-nighter followed by a company tour for participants. Students had team presentations of their services after a 2-week-education. Developers were to submit and demonstrate their demo.

Out of 15 teams, the winners are 2 project and 1 development teams, including a student of excellence. The latter will have the opportunity to intern and grant additional future employment benefits.

The five judges were Myungsoo Jung Decenter CEO, Chul Choi SK C&C blockchain TF Leader, Jinwoo Noh Hexlant CEO, James Jung Delio CEO, and In-ho Professor of Korea University.

The judging criteria for the project team were 1. problem solution clarity, 2. blockchain necessity, 3. network node compatibility, 4. creativity, and more. Per the development team, 1. Dapp materialization completion and 2. smart contract suitability, and so on.

One of the team leaders named Ahyoung Cho said, “it has been such an honor to take advanced level courses at Founders and have full-time operators as our mentors”. She added, “I have become quite confident to shoot for a much broader spectrum of job positions”.

Many renowned blockchain companies joined the ‘2019 SUMMER X SK C&C INSIGHT”. These include blockchain technology lab Hexlant, blockchain digital platform Metadium, Onchain governance Tezos Korea, global exchange Huobi Korea and thirty more.

[Originally written in Decenter, “ ‘파운더스 2019 SUMMER X SK C&C 인싸잇’ 교육·멘토링 이어 블록체인 해커톤 개최” by Reporter Jaeseok Cho (cho@decenter.kr) August 1, 2019 [https://decenter.kr/NewsView/1VMSVYVKY6]


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