<EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT> Official Delio Global Community Hit Over 50K Members

Hello Delians!

Throughout this week, we will be holding a special event!🚀

This goes out to over 50K members of our community.


🎉Here’s your chance to get exciting tips from 20–500 $DELIO each!!!🤑

Time: Sep. 2 — Sep. 15 11:59PM GMT+8

Winners Announcement: Sep.16

Pick one or more options below for DLO 👇

✅ Write posts on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) and put hastags (ex: #Delio #Happy_Delio)

✅ Create Delio Stickers and/or GIFs

✅ Make short promotional videos

✅ Write an article about us — any topic indicating our project’s existence

🔇What to Avoid 👇

🚫Do not plagiarize on someone else’s idea/post/article

🚫No hoax

🚫No Spamming/Sharing External Links

✅The quality of your comments can also affect your chance to win more DLO

⛔️Strictly no mentioning of other projects. DELIO only!🙏

Where to submit/share your work 👇 https://t.me/happy_delio

🎉We are giving out minimum of 20 DLO (DELIO TOKEN) for anyone’s participation, so get your chance to win UP TO 500DLO


[Delio Official Websites] Delio: http://www.delio.io Delifunding: https://www.delifunding.com

[Delio Official Communities] Telegram [Global]: https://t.me/happy_delio Telegram [Indonesia]: https://t.me/delio_indonesia News Channel: https://t.me/happy_delio_news

[Delio Official Social Media Platforms] Blog: http://forum.croschain.com/ Facebook [EN]: https://www.facebook.com/delio.global Facebook [KR]: https://www.facebook.com/delio.io/ Facebook [Delifunding]: https://www.facebook.com/delifunding/ Medium [EN]: https://medium.com/@delio.io Medium [CN]: https://medium.com/cn-delio Twitter: https://twitter.com/happydelio Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/happydelio Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/HappyDelio/