Delio, Delifunding applies for ‘Exchange-Based Cryptocurrency Loan’ Patent of the U.S. and S.K.

On August 16, a blockchain company named Delio announced its cryptocurrency lending service called Delifunding has completed its patent application of the United States and South Korea.

Delifunding is an exchange-based cryptocurrency lending system. Unlike the other existing services, its patent highlights all transactions are made exclusively on the exchanges.

When an exchange user with an account applies for a loan, he or she can borrow crypto and cash by the amount of BTC / ETH / DLO (Delio coin) held on the exchange. Since the user can take advantage of real-time transfers through the exchange, it is easier and safer compared to other crypto loan services. The open API ensures high scalability as it provides cryptocurrency lending service to all exchanges across the world.

Delifunding has a various benefit structure for users, exchanges and investors. The users can conveniently and quickly get a secured loan. Also, they can trade or sell a portion of borrowed crypto on the exchange to get fiat money. Users can generate profit by trading or holding increased capital from the loan.

The investors can make a profit from Delifunding’s risk-free investment system which prevents principal loss and ensures a safe return on investment. The exchanges can make a profit of increased trading volume and revenue from new traders who are willing to use Delifunding.

Delifunding can increase liquidity in exchanges. To use Delifunding, users need to hold a certain amount of DLO. Delifunding serviceable area will expand to Asia, Europe, and the US. Soon, crypto secured loan service will be accessible via Delio’s wallet.

[Originally written in Etnews, “ 거래소 기반 암호화폐 대출 ‘델리펀딩’ 미국과 국내 특허 출원” by Reporter Hyangjoon Jo ( August 20th, 2019 []


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