‘B.MAKERS’ meetup 20190718— “Everything about Enterprise Blockchain”

Delio X IBM ‘B.makers’ — @ Coex 2nd floor, Start-up Branch Center

Gartner claimed the enterprise blockchain market will grow beyond $3.1 trillion-market value by 2030. Some major South Korean companies have come to demonstrate real-life applications of the latest enterprise blockchain technology.

Delio and IBM Korea co-held ‘B.MAKERS’ to present and discuss real-life applications of enterprise blockchain technology on July 18th from 3 to 6 PM at Coex 2nd floor, Start-up Branch Center. The guest speakers of IBM Korea, KT, Shinhan Bank, Samsung SDS, LG CNS, Luniverse, Pentasecurity and more joined the event.

Professor Minwha Lee of Kaist presented the first lecture on ‘the Transformation of 4th Industrial Revolution and Integration Model of Blockchain’. Then, Director Myungchul Lee (IBM Korea) talked about ‘the Era of Tokenization and the Digital Asset Infrastructure Standards’, Lab leader Hari Yoon of Shinhan Bank introduced their blockchain applications. Also, the representatives Hyungnam Kim (Samsung SDS) and Kiyoung Kim (LG CNS)

COO Evan Park (Luniverse) talked about ‘Luniverse’ Baas and Industrial Revolution’. Luniverse is Dunamu’s, blockchain laboratory of Labmda 256, Baas platform. Baas (Blockchain as a service) is the application of subscriptive service on blockchain. The representative Minwoo Nam (Penta Security Systems Inc.) explained the enterprise wallet for decentralized Defi (Financial System).

As the host of the event, CEO James Jung (Delio) presented the Development of Enterprise Blockchain Ecosystem and Integration Theory. According to James, “the enterprise blockchain market leaves cryptocurrency out of the equation and is solely used for pure technology and B2B”.

Tickets for B.MAKERS was sold on Onoffmix (https://www.onoffmix.com/). James mentioned, “We added more seat availability from 150 to 200 people after more than 120 people applied within six hours.”

[Originally written in ZDNet Korea, “ 기업용 블록체인의 모든 것 ‘비 메이커스’ 밋업 18일 열려” by Reporter Eunju Bang(ejbang@zdnet.co.kr) July 12, 2019, [ https://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&oid=092&aid=0002166200&sid1=001]


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