B Capitalist 3rd Workshop — Seven Projects including ‘Delifunding’ Presented [Condensed]

Blockchain Investment Research Institute (ran by Chief Inkyu Song, a Professor of Korea University) held ‘B Capitalist’ Workshop and Blockchain Project Presentations at Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do between 6 and 7th of September.

‘B Capitalist’ is a process established by the Blockchain Investment Research Institute to develop one of the core technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution — the blockchain industry. Unlike other blockchain specialist courses, it combines traditional finance and crypto assets such as futures, options, M&A, and funds.

A total of 50 attendees, including 30 1st and 2nd members, came to the 3rd Workshop. At the event, speakers introduced seven blockchain projects, including Delio’s cryptocurrency secured lending service called ‘Delifunding’ and SNS (Social Networks)’ renowned analysis project involving services and AI.

The judges were Minyang Cho Professor, Jhonghyuk Jang (CEO of Token Economy), Yongmun Kim (representative of Tembusu Investment), Zhonghei Ku (Secretary of LB Investment).

■ Seven Projects Competition —judges advise that “CEOs should understand technological matters”

‘Delifunding’ is a cryptocurrency secured lending service. Coins or tokens used are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Delio (DLO). Delio is the token that operates Delifunding. The service consists of two methods — B2C Loan and Exchange-Based Loan.

James Jung (CEO of Delio) said, “We made a profit of 3.5 billion Won = (appr. $35 million USD) within the past 3 weeks”. “Wallet and partners will facilitate the expansion of our service”. He also estimated that the total market size of crypto secured loan will be 1 trillion Won (= appr. $10 billion USD).

According to James, Delifunding’s current yearly lending amount is ₩280 billion”. “The loan is available to 4 million members, including affiliate members such as exchange partners”. “Our target is to achieve ₩90 billion profit”.

[Originally written in ZDNet Korea, “ (B캐피탈리스트 3기 워크숍 열려…’델리펀딩’ 등 7개 프로젝트 발표도 by reporter Eunju Bang (ejbang@zdnet.co.kr)

September 8th, 2019 [http://www.zdnet.co.kr/view/?no=20190908211015]


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