[Review] Delio meet up with IDAX and Lunamint ended in great success!

Hello! I am Jamie!! The last week has been a very busy week for Delio; the Delio Meetup - that the enormous number of advance registration ranked the meetup 1st trending topic on ONOFFMIX excited(?) the Delio team - finally ended in a great success. :) For those who couldn’t be with us, I’ll begin reviewing the Delio Meetup!!!

On 7th march, the Delio meetup with global cryptocurrency exchange IDAX and Cosmos Lunamint was held at Maru 180 Event Hall located at Gangnam! The advance registration limit was 150 people, and yet more than 300 people, including the ones registered on the waitlist, requested the permission for participation; with an appreciating mind I’ve arrived the site on the opening day.

The sits were ready for the participants, and the team is working hard to prepare the meetup including the photo-zone. There were beloved Delio stickers and pens ready too! The start of the meetup was at 7 PM, but there were many people who joined us earlier, so we offered sandwiches and drinks to them - Did you enjoy those? There were people who joined Delio events every time, such as Blockchain Insight, PyeongChang Forum, etc., so I didn’t hide delightful mind and shared greetings with them! As it gets close to the starting time, pre-registered people filled the sits one by one!

Cosmos Lunamint CEO Seungwan Yun Interview


IDAX Exchange CPO Anna Liubavina Interview


Delio CEO James Jung Interview


In prior to the meetup event, we’ve proceeded pre-interviews with cosmos Lunamint CEO Seungwan Yun, IDAX Exchange CPO Anna Liubavina and Delio CEO James Jung! Follow the links to watch the related videos!

Delio revealed its business plan for this year on the pre-interview, saying that they are planning to expand the business by assembling competitive domestic and Asian companies from various fields as partner companies, and they are planning to launch the test service by this year.


They finished the interview by saying that they hope for the creation of an environment where blockchain businesses can work joyfully and cooperation of businesses to move forward together to the world. When the pre-interview was finished, the Delio meetup finally began!⠀

Keynote) The Influence of Development of Cryptocurrency

– by Korea University professor Hyungjoong Kim.

Starting by the history in aspect of Bitcoin, he talked about short history of cryptocurrency compared to long history of the internet, the standard of success and number of coins/tokens, User Extension (Enhancing Usability), exam boards, crypt rating, why exchange, etc. must be requirements, etc.; the various development of cryptocurrencies.

Presentation 1) Cosmos Lunamint CEO Seungwan Yun

Cosmos Tendermint Platform Telegram-based Wallet Service

Cosmos Lunamint is an application development company that developed Lunagram service, a Telegram-based wallet. Cosmos Lunamint CEO Seungwan Yun demonstrated the app he made! He mentioned in his pre-interview that 1) Tendermint Engine that produces one-block finality, 2) Cosmos SDK, the tool for developers, these two are the key of Project Cosmos.

Presentation 2) Delio CEO James Jung

Stable Stake Coin and DaaS-Based Payment Ecosystem Construction

Delio defined the cryptocurrencies in dilemma of usability and price variability as One-Token Problem, and the focus of the presentation was on problems of payment by cryptocurrencies. There were explanations of representative keywords of Delio project, such as SSC(Stable Stake Coin), DaaS(Delio as a Service), Programmable Token, etc.

On this day, IDAX vice-president, CMO, Directors came to Korea specially for Delio Meetup : )

Presentation 3) IDAX Exchange CPO Anna Liubavina

The Present and Future of 2019 Cryptocurrency Markets IDAX Draws

One of top 10 global cryptocurrency exchanges as of statistic of December by CoinMarketCap, IDAX said in their pre-interview that they provide an environment where users can invest reliably by verifying and confirming the project to its details with a rigorous examination system before its registration. With their interest of Delio project, they came to Korea and participated Delio Meetup. They introduced IDAX Exchange, and mentioned once again that Delio is a project they watch with interest!

Discussion – 2019 Cryptocurrency Market Situation and Development

Host: Professor Hyungjoong Kim

Panel: James Jung, Seungwan Yun, and Ana Liubavina



And lastly, we had a Q&A time in a form of discussion. At the beginning, people were rather shy(?) so there were not many questions brought up but instead they were rather careful; and yet the discussion was smooth with lead of Hyunjoong Kim.


The discussion mainly consisted with questions about each projects. There were some sharp questions too, like what kind of things are prepared to realize the project. They discussed about different issues such as domestic/foreign view of the cryptocurrencies and exchanges, etc.

The meetup presentation ended with the discussion, and there was prize draw of key cryptocurrency wallets by the presenters who dignified the event with their participation. Congratulations to those who won the prizes!!

The meetup event finished with photo time and networking time with all persons concerned who gave great help. I want to take this time to say thank you to those who joined us until the end of the event – as late as over 9 PM!

When we were promoting the meetup, we said the meetup will be content-centered so we asked for your participation, so we wondered what learning the actual participants went home with. :) There were some opinions that the introduction of Delio project and the Q&A time were too short in previous events, so they want exclusive meetups. Was this meetup meaningful for you? We are Delio Team who always think about what would be a good way to hold meetups and have idea meetings to prepare the meeting with those who are interested in Delio and supports us! Once again, thank you for participating the event and we anticipate to hold exclusive meetup the next time!

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