[Review] Visiting Live Shooting Studio of ‘All That Coin’, a show by Digital Chosun TV

Hello~ I am Jamie! Today is the day after the Delio meetup! The team members who put a lot of hard works into preparing the meetup gather again in front of the live shooting studio of ‘All That Coin’, a show produced by Digital Chosun TV.

I am with anchorwoman Kyuri Baek and reporter Seungjae Lee, and we are in front of the broadcast studio of ‘All That Coin’ at Digital Chosun TV! With the permission to shoot the studio from the writers, we’ve shoot many pictures to share them with you. 10 minutes before the show went live, the video and audio checks were done, and James Jung was on stand-by as well! After visiting the studio of ‘B-Talk’ and ‘Secret Royal Inspector,’ the crews could have been somewhat used to such situation, but they were being nervous more than the CEO himself.

(Outside the booth, the heart is pounding hard!) As if he knew how we were feeling, he made an eye contact with the camera to ease the tension. When the show went live, we’ve watched the Delio Episode of ‘All That Coin – Today’s It Coin’ live from the studio.

“Hi, I’m James Jung, the CEO of Delio.” That started the live show All That Coin. From the history of the name Delio to the introduction of the Delio project, it was 40 minutes well spent. SSC and DaaS, the current status of cryptocurrency as a payment option, the company culture and many more; if it is your first time to meet Delio project, I’m pretty sure this would be a great help for you to understand it!


He also introduced the website of Delio and mentioned the company culture that calls each other by nicknames without titles to pursue horizontal culture, thanks to reporter Seungjae Lee shouting “James Wassup!!”, every company member were able to enjoy the joy of leaving early that day.

I’m not sure if you are watching this, Seungjae, but representing the employees of Delio, Jamie gives you a thank you!! (*Salutes*)

Also, another special culture of Delio that wasn’t revealed on the broadcast is ‘decentralized foundation day’. You know how you call those days you may want to take your monthly or annual vacation as sandwich days because they are surrounded by national holidays? So we’ve decided to set those days as foundation days with the vote of every employee. :) To build Delio-tic culture for Delio, Jamie will passionately ask the employees and ask again!

I want to share some part of the vision of Delio project and its future plans that James Jung talked about on the 40-mintue broadcast.


“Although many cryptocurrency payment projects were processed since the last year, because of the problems I talked about earlier it’s hard to find successful cases yet. The goal Delio pursues is building payment ecosystem fast. In fact, our objective is on building an ecosystem that has no problem buying an ice cream with tokens."


“We will put our efforts to build an open, unified ecosystem that tokens are compatible with many enterprises, not just a type of token that can be used within an ecosystem with few enterprises cooperating. By providing such solution, I anticipate for many enterprises voluntarily participate to expand the ecosystem.”


“The goal is on 100,000! The PG company in Korea has about 100,000 stores, so Delio set its goal as 100,000 enterprises participate for win-win situation within the ecosystem; we’ll do our best to make it real as soon as possible."

And lastly, we took a commemorative photograph with anchorwoman Kyuri Baek and reporter Seungjae Lee!!


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