Croschain Technology - Delio, Hanyang University's Hanyang Blockchain Research Center and Stablecoin

- Research and Development of Commercial payment token
- Delio donating $88,000 worth of Delio tokens for research and development at Hanyang University

[eDaily, Reporter JungHoon Lee] Delio led by Croschain Tehcnology and Hanyang Blockchain Research Center have signed a partnership for research cooperation for commercial payment coin on Nov 7th. ⠀


Both parties have agreed upon the needs of utility tokens that people can make the most practical use of in real economy as a payment token and promised to proceed with research and development on commercially adequate coins for payment as well as designing a token circulated economy ecosystem through this partnership. For this, Delio is making a contribution of $88,000 worth of Delio tokens for research and development on commercial payment coin. ⠀⠀⠀

According to market research agency,, the global e-commerce market is expected to grow up to a scale of approximately $4,058 billion. However, due to a price volatility of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, these lack price stability whereas current stable coins which are mostly centralized and used for financial purposes are inadequate for commercial transactions. Thus, Delio and Hanyang Research Center are determined to conduct an active research primarily on designing a token economy which can develop, supply, and expand commercial payment coins with its problems being compensated. ⠀⠀⠀

Hanyang University has launched the nation’s largest Hanyang Blockchain Research Center in Sept, last year to promote incubating blockchain professionals and creating blockchain start up ecosystem. It has established and been managing eight centers with experts joining from various fields including Research Centers in Blockchain Platform, Finance/Economy, Policy/Laws, Professional Human Resource Training, Business Cooperation, and etc. It is also expected to found the nation’s largest blockchain graduate school and recruit students to incubate blockhain technology and professional personnel in 2019.

Delio is a new H2B(Home To Business) ecosystem connecting households, businesses and locals. Delio is to construct a token circulated economy ecosystem based on SSC(Stable Stake Coin), a commercial payment token and DaaS.


It has recently signed a partnership with Blockchain Board of Derivatives(BBOD), an England based futures exchange and joined a Blockchain Systems Consortium led by MIT cooperating with global companies.


Professor, MinSoo Yu says, “we are planning to do research on public coins that can be conveniently used by ordinary people through a research cooperation on commercial payment coin with Delio. It will be such a good opportunity to take advantage of so many benefits that the blockchain technology can offer.”


James says, “We will strive to lead this blockchain project to realize a true decentralization by developing a perfect commercial payment token and creating a token circulated economy ecosystem where sharing and distribution of ownership and profits are faciliated in cooperation with Hanyang Research Center” ⠀⠀

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