[Article] Blockchain Delio, Listing on Global Exchange IDAX

Delio, the platform to build and operate one’s own token ecosystem based on the commercial payment token, “SSC” and “DaaS”, told that it has completed listing DLO on IDAX, a global cryptocurrency exchange in the BTC market on March 28th.

IDAX is a global crypto exchange ranked in the top 12 global rankings(Coinmarketcap) with 1.2 million users providing services in in 87 countries globally.

Delio was initially listed for $0.012 while its current price has constantly been on the rise up to $0.017.

DELIO is a blockchain payment platform which provides companies with DaaS(Delio as a Service) solutions based on SSC(Stable Stake Coin), a token specifically designed for commercial payment use.

DaaS helps companies enable to issue and operate their own tokens no hassles of developing a Dapp or Mainnet.

James, the CEO, says, “we are planning to list on more global exchanges by stages and we will do our best to construct a great ecosystem for our users.


[Originally written in ZDNet Korea 04.03.2019 in http://naver.me/xisRV80X ]


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