DELIO, 2019 Blockchain Meet Up with IDAX and COSMOS LUNAMINT

Croschain Technology’s Delio is holding a blockchain meetup under the title of ‘2019 Practical Blockchain and Crpyto Projects Bringing Changes into Real Life’ with IDAX and Cosmos Lunamint on March 7th from 6:30 pm at MARU 180 in Gangnam.

This meetup will be led by James Jung, CEO of Delio(Commercial payment B2B Platform), Liubavina Anna, CPO of IDAX(Global Exchange in Top 9), and SeungWan Yoon, CEO of Cosmos Lunamint, (Cosmos’ hub validator) sharing insights on the ‘2019 Practical Blockchain and Crpyto Projects Bringing Changes into Real Life’. Moreover, Prof. HyungJung Kim from Korea University will be delivering the key note speech and leading the discussion among the panels on the current situations of crypto market and its future development directions.


Prof. Kim from Korea University Division of Information Security & Graduate School of Information Security will be sharing his insights about future directions of the cryptocurrency. He is a well-known academic figure in the blockchain industry who has created IEO guidelines, evaluation standards for blockchain mainnet and the like dedicating to its growth and development in South Korea.


Anna Liubavina, CPO of IDAX will be presenting about the present and future crpyto market envisioned by IDAX in 2019. IDAX is a global crypto exchange ranked within the top 10 according to the CoinMarketCap. It is offering services to about 1.8 million users in 87 countries with a fixed asset size of about $300 million.


James Jung, CEO of Delio will be talking about constructing a payment ecosystem based on SSC(Stable Stake Coin) and DaaS(Delio as a Service). SSC is a payment specialized token which solves the one token problem of crypto payment projects; and DaaS is a B2B platform which helps individuals and businesses construct their own payment ecosystems with no hassles of developing Dapp and mainnet on their own. He will be touching on ‘United payment ecosystem’ which will be formed by more than 0.1 million businesses and ‘Strategies to construct a Token Circulation Economy’.


SeungWan Yoon, CEO of Lunamint will be dealing with ‘Wallet Service based on Cosmos Tendermint Platform and Telegram’. Cosmos is a blockchain platform for all different kinds of blockchains to be able to interoperate, and Lunamint operates its validators and develops Lunagram, its own wallet.


James says,”Delio is determined to create the blockchain ecosystem more practical with such good partners like IDAX and Cosmos Lunamint. It is such an honor that IDAX’ Vice President, CPO, and CMO are visiting Korea for our meetup. Also, big thanks to COSMOS project, such an amazing project.”


JungHwan Jo/ Originally written in CCTV 02.28. 2019 in



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