Delio and BeFe enter into Blockchain H2B Partnership

[ZDNet Korea = Bang EunJoo Reporter, 20.11.2018] Delio, a blockchain project operated by Croschain Technology (CEO James Jung), signed a partnership with BeFe (Baby Fair, CEO Lee GeunPyo), a leader in the baby and child care market. It was announced 20.11.2018 that BeFe joins Delio as a H2B partner.


Delio’s H2B partners are companies that participate in the Delio Token Circulation Ecosystem, based on the Stable Stake Coin (SSC) for commercial payments and DAAS (Delio As A Service).


BeFe, Delio’s new H2B partner, plans to use Delio tokens to provide more products and services for its customers. ​


Delio secures the home market and home-data market, providing them to H2B partners and through this it is possible for the partners to offer products and services that meet customer needs.

BeFe is the first company in Korea to specialize in exhibition conventions for children’s goods with more than 1 000 000 members. To develop the global market, BeFe is focusing on B2B services. In October, BePe was awarded the Grand Prize in the Consumer Goods Exhibition as the first domestic company to get the prize in AFECA Awards 2018, held by Asia Federation of Exhibitions and Conventions Association.


Centering the H2B ecosystem, Delio provides decentralized payment service (PG) through Stable Stake Coin for commercial payments and DAAS. Recently, we have been cooperating with the futures exchange BBOD in UK, MIT College of Engineering in the USA and signed a research partnership with Hanyang University’s Blockchain Research Center to cooperate in the research of commercial payment coin. ​


“Starting with BeFe, famous H2B partners join Delio and we have plans to expand to around 100 000 H2B partners through DAAS”, commented the CEO of Delio James Jung. “We predict that early next year Delio tokens can be used through a stable commercial payment service in around 100 different brands” he continued.


“We have great expectations towards Delio, as it provides an easy way to compensate for child care and housework. In the future, we will keep working hard to provide new and diverse benefits for all the people who have showed support for BeFe” said Lee GeunPyo, BeFe CEO.


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