DELIO, US $5 million Investment fund from GLOBIT, Global OTC Market

Delio CEO, James Jung and Globit CEO, IlGang Kim

Delio, a blockchain project led by Croschain Technology (CEO James Jung), has successfully raised approximately $US 5 million worth of investment funds from a global OTC market, GLOBIT of the IBFC.


​GLOBIT is a global OTC market specializing in OTC trades, investment services, and C2C trades. The American business magazine, Forbes, reports that recently investors prefer crypto trades via OTC to trades at crypto exchanges which have limited trade volumes. British Market Research Group, Tabb Group’s 2018 report stated that a daily trade volume of bitcoins at OTC market has reached almost a twice to three times the volume via other crypto exchanges, which indicates a growing interest in the OTC trades.


DELIO is a blockchain payment platform which provides companies with DaaS(Delio as a Service) solutions based on SSC(Stable Stake Coin), a token specifically designed for commercial payment use. DaaS helps companies enable to issue and operate their own tokens simple and easy creating one united token economy. Delio solves the one-token problem of the current payment tokens by allowing companies to be able to manage their own token economies with no hassles of developing a Dapp or Mainnet. Delio is expected to be listed on a number of global exchanges within the global ranking top 10 in the first quarter of 2019.


GLOBIT’S CEO, IlGang Kim says “We have such high expectations of Delio that has a tremendous potential in the crypto payment field. Delio has been evaluated with many positive feedbacks on the growth and practicality, token economy and algorithm, project team’s trustworthiness, technology and the size of the communities and more. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to those who had participated in the investment on Delio. Globit as an accelerating company supporting blockchain ecosystem as well as an investor incubating potential crypto and blockchain technology, is building the world’s biggest global offline OTC exchange.”


DELIO’s CEO, James Jung adds, “We are grateful of the fact that we have raised the investment fund from Globit. I view that the payment on blockchain will be leading the market this year and Delio is receiving such a high appraisal of solving the problems of the existing payment tokens, their token economies, and simple payment service apps.”



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