Delio Joins MIT Blockchain Systems Consortium

[Edaily = Lee Jeong-Hoon Reporter, 16.10.2018] Delio, a project under Croschain Technology, will participate in a blockchain systems consortium led by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).


The MIT-led blockchain systems consortium will conduct practical research on the production and proliferation of new knowledge about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. They have reported, that we will need a blockchain economy to create a better society for mankind. The consortium is jointly established with MIT and Startup Nation, a blockchain start-up investment association from Israel and Endor, an automated forecasting service for cryptographic data. In addition, IBM, NEC, Intuit, MasterCard, UBS, Accenture, EY, MetLife and TalkingData will be participating.


The initial investment for the consortium will be led by MIT Blockchain and the CryptoSystems Alliance. Participating in the consortium, Delio is a decentralized blockchain project that makes shared ownership and distributed profits possible, and also develops a decentralized stable coin for commercial transactions and a decentralized payment PG. Building a new ‘H2B (Home to Business)’ ecosystem where home is the center, through Delio the so far abandoned home-data will be connected to the companies and new value will be created. Additionally, Delio serves as a social project by compensating ‘value work’.


“Participation in this consortium was first suggested by MIT and Delio participated in the consortium to collaborate with global experts on blockchain and cryptocurrency research and implementation, so that Delio would be able to lead the way to make a better society for everybody. “ emphasized Delio’s CEO James Jung.


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Lee Jeong-Hoon reporter


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