[Article] 'Songdo Blockchain Forum ' held the general meeting of promoters, and Delio CEO James Jung

"We expect an explosive growth of blockchain business through the special zone called Songdo International Business District."

On 21st this month, blockchain business and academic communities-centered ‘Songdo blockchain Forum’ held the general meeting of promoters at Songdo Convensia, and announced its full-scale launch. The promoters of this forum were: the Industry-university collaboration director of Inha University Taebeom Seo, the president of Blockchain Self-Regulation Committee Hajin Jhun, Law Firm Class lawyer Sangsun Kim, Xeonsor CEO Ilhee Lee, UNNIO CEO Kiyoung Tack, Inha University professor JeongChul Choi, Inha University professor Kim Jeongeun, Inha University professor Yong Yoon, Yonsei University professor TaeEung Sung, Samjin Tech Inc. CEO Chiyoung Choi, Dr. Youngsoo Jung (Prime Business Strategy Research Institute), Bitsonic CEO JinWook Shin, Delio CEO James Jung, Webrick CEO Arnold Cho, and others.

송도블록체인포럼 발기인 총회 단체 사진 [사진=송도블록체인포럼]

Songdo Blockchain Forum was established to propose policies and laws for constructing blockchain ecosystem, research blockchain-based and derived technologies, establish and train blockchain-related businesses, support academic exchange and industrial-educational cooperation for development of blockchain business, train blockchain expertise, and support other projects required for construction of creative blockchain ecosystem.

Taebeom Seo, the chairman of the forum said “an important thing in the field of blockchain is a close cooperation of related organizations like the businesses, the government, and international organizations, etc.”, adding that “In this sense, Songdo International Business District has optimal conditions of location to be a blockchain hub with its rich infrastructure built as a global business district.”

In addition, Taebeom Seo explained the background establishment, saying that "To embrace such favorable conditions, Songdo Blockchain Forum was established to meet the trend of the fourth industrial revolution and for the development and growth of the field of blockchain, one of core technologies of the fourth industrial revolution.”

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