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Can I apply as an experienced employee when hiring a new recruit?

Yes, you may. However, you will be hired as a new employee regardless of your career.

Can I revise my application after submission?

Yes, only if you contact the hiring manger before the deadline.

I have a double major, how do I choose a major?

You may choose whichever major that best suits your desired position.

Do transfer students need information about their previous schools?

Yes, please submit both previous and present school information.

Can I apply for a job that requires language test scores without any test score?

No, you must have language test scores for acceptance. However, if you have ever attended a foreign school, then you do not require them.

I didn't pass the last recruit process. Can I try again?

Yes, you may submit an application again as many times as you wish.

Do you provide career recognition for those with a master's or doctoral degree?

Yes, we do as long as the degrees are related to recruitment and company work.

Is there an age limit?

No, we don't have an age limit.

Can I apply for a job when I'm studying abroad?

Yes, you may submit a job application since it is conducted online at our website, but afterwards, applicants must visit our company for a face-to-face interview.

If I work at my current job, can I have the same experience recognition?

It highly depends on our corporate standards and your interview result.

I would like to know about the recruitment of experienced employees.

For experienced employees, we announce job openings from time to time on our website. In some cases, we have open recruitment, so please stay tuned!

Does the veteran have any privilege?

Yes, veterans will be given preferential treatment in accordance with related laws.

How do I check the process of my application to know whether I passed or not?

Results will be emailed individually to applicants who pass.

Can I still apply if I have more than one semester left until graduation?

Yes, If you are able to join the company on the date specified by the company.